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Sustainability is deeply embedded in all J.D. Irving Limited businesses. It is the key to ensuring long-term value for our customers and safeguarding the environment. Our commitment to our customers and the communities where we reside is to be environmentally responsible in all aspects of our operations allowing us to develop and nurture longterm business relationships that benefit current and future generations. In this regard, we recognize that our customers elect to do business with us for a combination of reasons, and that our sustainability commitment is one factor among many. Our goal, from a Transportation and Logistics perspective, is to lower the carbon footprint of our customers' supply chains and to continuously look for innovative solutions and cleaner technology that reduce cost and improve service.

Safety is critical to business performance as it impacts employee morale, productivity, cost, quality and service. A fully engaged workforce is one of our strategic goals and no organization can be committed to a fully engaged workforce if they accept that accidents will occur. Our commitment is not conditional. Every accident is preventable and we will strive to provide a zero injury workplace for all our employees. With unwavering standards, an environment and culture will be established that facilitates an accident free workplace. Our expectations are that every employee, regardless of role, has a clear understanding that safety is their responsibility and that working safely is a fundamental condition of employment. This is a basic non-negotiable business value.